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Save your kind by inspiring the people's belief in your fortune telling abilities in this tea brewing and resource gathering game.

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Productions a "go"!
9 days ago – Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 05:53:27 PM

Good News Everyone!
Good News Everyone!

We apologize for the initial delay but as our last update mentioned: We found some printing and coloring issues we needed to fix to ensure we give you the best quality product we can!  Those issues have been fixed and as of a few days ago we have green-lighted the mass production of All things Steepseers! Thanks again for all the interested and support!  We are going to keep on steepin' on over here to get you everything you asked for!

-Kinsoul Team

Huge Happy Holidays Update!!!
about 1 month ago – Mon, Dec 17, 2018 at 01:00:46 AM

Happy Holidays everyone (if you celebrate) and if not then happy December! 

We got some great news to share with everyone: Our first manufacturer sample has come in!

Game box front and Oracle Deck
Game box front and Oracle Deck

We are overall really happy with how things turned out! Below you can see most of the gorgeous things that will come in your Steepseers game box!

Tokens, dice, turn tracker, player mats, cards, etc!
Tokens, dice, turn tracker, player mats, cards, etc!

We just need to do some final color tweaking (A few things didn't print out exactly how we wanted so we are making some final adjustments) and should be able to 'greenlight' production sometime in the very near future.

Also, remember this?

Kickstarter stretch goal
Kickstarter stretch goal

 Well, we have figured out how to adjust some other things around and were able to upgrade EVERYONE who got the game to the higher quality 20mm engraved dice! We are happy to provide the highest quality dice to you that we can!


Engraved dice
Engraved dice

So happy 'everything' from Kinsoul Studio! We look forward to getting this mass produced very soon! Thanks again for your support! 

Digital Rewards Are Here & A Delivery Update
2 months ago – Tue, Nov 13, 2018 at 03:03:27 PM

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September progress update: digital rewards and manufacturing
3 months ago – Tue, Oct 16, 2018 at 07:19:50 PM

As we begin to move further into our manufacturing time frame, we are happy to announce that almost all of our artwork, game components, and extras are either finished or moving into the final phases of creation and quality assurance with a strong chance of completion by the end of October. Since we are a little behind our previously proposed schedule of getting all of our files to the manufacturer by the end of September, there could be a small delay expected when it comes time to ship Steepseers (keep an eye out for updates later on). We would also like to note that our digital reward package containing the soundtrack and digital coloring book is nearly complete (we are just waiting on the final stretch goal track!) and will be released in a few weeks to those backers. If you are interested in hearing our latest song, which highlights the journey of the First Oracle, you can hear a sample from the track below:

Wasn’t that enchanting? We think so! To end on a high note, we have been watching the creation of the wooden tarot boxes closely, and we can report that they are coming along beautifully and will definitely make an impression! Stay tuned for our next update coming next early next month, as well as updates regarding the digital package if ordered. Happy Steepseeing!

A freshly stained tarot box ready for its fabric inlay
A freshly stained tarot box ready for its fabric inlay

Getting ever closer...
4 months ago – Fri, Sep 14, 2018 at 08:17:04 PM

Hello everyone! While we may have been quiet on the social media front lately, rest assured that we are working tirelessly to get Steepseers onto its next step: manufacturing. We have a few components left to finalize in the game itself, as well as a few components related to the extras. All of the artwork is complete and submitted and the cards are ready to go. The main components left to put together are the game box, dice layout, token sheet layout, and some final touches on the booklet that comes with the oracle card set and the coloring book. Although we are behind schedule slightly, we are trying our best to make up for the slip. We're aiming to kickoff the prototype round of production with our manufacturer by the end of September.   If any further delays come up, we'll be sure to let you know!

Currently, 70% of backers have completed their surveys. This means we have 70% of the names we need for the rule book and website "Thank you" pages. The website has been updated to include the names we currently have (check it out), and we will continue to add to it as more names come in. The rule book is on more of a deadline though, and if we don't get your names in before we start production (end of September hopefully), there's nothing we can do. So hurry and complete those surveys!  If you've lost it, just go to and re-generate your survey.